How to Prevent Power Surge Damage

Simple steps can help save your home and electronics from electrical surge damage

Have you ever noticed the lights in your home flickering? You might not have thought much of it, but that's a telltale sign of an electrical surge that could cause permanent damage to computers, TVs and other sensitive electronics.

What Causes a Power Surge?

Surges can be caused by a number of factors. A nearby lightning strike, your utility company switching from one distribution system to another, or an animal like a squirrel or raccoon damaging a power line could all be causes. In in some cases, if your home is near a large factory and you share the same transformer or electrical system, even simply powering heavy machinery on or off could cause a surge.

A power surge can reach your home, fry your circuit breakers and spread to your outlets. If a device or appliance is plugged in, it may not survive the sudden surge of electricity.

How to Protect Your Home

So what can you do to make sure your electronics survive an electrical surge? Start with surge protectors, both large and small.

Whole-house surge protectors are installed at the main electrical service panel, where the circuit breakers or fuses are located. The suppressor will channel the extra electricity during the power surge and prevent it from getting into your main system.

You can also use surge protector power strips for each of your sensitive appliances and electronics. These protectors work like the whole-house suppressors, but on a smaller scale. They can provide you some peace of mind the next time there's a storm.

You can add an extra layer of protection for your appliances and electronics with Direct Energy's surge protection plans.

Protection from the Unexpected

Homeowners insurance won't help you if your appliances and electronics are damaged by power surges. Direct Energy's Surge Essentials plan provides repair and replacement coverage you can depend on. Get protected today!

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