Are You Prepared for Air Conditioning Breakdowns?

An air conditioning breakdown in the heat of summer is one of the worst possible surprises. Besides the discomfort, there are the repair bills – and AC repair costs are rarely covered by homeowners insurance. Are you financially braced for a breakdown?

Regular maintenance can stave off disaster by detecting and correcting potential problems before your air conditioner fails. Annual AC tune-ups can also help you save money by maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your system. Deteriorating efficiency results in rising energy bills, and these costs add up over time.

There are some areas of your system that are likely causes of problems:

A maintenance and repair protection plan can help you keep your air conditioner in good working order and protect you from sudden,unexpected repair expenses. Browse our cooling protection plansor call us at (855) 334-3577 for more information.

Protection from the Unexpected

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