How to Save Money on Electricity & Gas Bills

Whether it's during the worst of a heat wave or a cold snap, there are few people immune to the shock brought on by an expensive utility bill.

Here are some tips for saving energy:

Begin an Appliance Replacement Program

Take Advantage of Rebate and Tax Credits

Set up an HVAC Service Schedule

Go Off the Grid

Consider hiring a professional energy auditor to help guide your conservation efforts. They will go through your home, providing assessments and making recommendations on lowering your residential energy costs.

Keeping your systems in good shape can help you manage your utility costs, and a maintenance and repair plan makes it easy! Browse our home protection plans or call us at (855) 334-3577 for more information.

Protection from the Unexpected

Direct Energy's Electric Essentials plans fill the gap left by your homeowners insurance. Get maintenance and repair coverage you can depend on. Get protected today!

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