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Surge Protection Essentials

Protect your electronics in every room.

Electronics are a vital part of everyday life. Yet one power surge can adversely affect expensive computers, TVs and appliances all over your home. Surge Protection Essentials ensures that, should such an event suddenly occur, you won’t be stuck with unexpected repair or replacement costs on your covered items.

Experienced professionals are at your service. The call center is available 24 hours a day, every day. Should your electronics or appliances suffer damage from a power surge, a technician will be ready to diagnose, repair or replace your covered items.

This plan is available for only $4.99 per month. Should you need a repair a $75 diagnostic fee will be charged to initiate the service for each covered item (up to $2,000 annual coverage).





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  • What is a power surge?
    A power surge is a sudden increase in energy, which can happen any time for a number of reasons. For example, there could be an external voltage spike or brownout due to heavy power use within your community. With a power surge, you could lose one or more of your appliances, TVs, and computers.